A tree lamp!

Made of light

Lit tree by Mimi Son is a projection installation that projects light as pixels onto the surface of the tree. The projection can be interacted with to create a beautiful marriage of light and sound. 

Who is the Madera Collective?

It’s about time to introduce individually the artists that are a part of this collective. We are currently working on our website, which will be up soon to provide a visual representation of our work, and what we do as well as links to artist’s websites, and information on our current projects. Each Member will be editing this post to write a little something about who they are and what they find interesting about art, and, well… the world we live in.


Hi! I’m Erica, and I am a Senior Majoring in Graphic Design at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. I will be receiving my BFA in Graphic Design this Spring 2012. I enjoy film, photography, painting, drawing, sketching, exploring, cooking, and observing the world and everyday life. I enjoy focusing on package design that is sustainable and unique. I want to be able to graduate and use my degree towards making a difference for people.

PepsiCo Has Introduced 100% Compostable Ecotainers Made from rPET and Renewable Sources in the US

Breaking news for all sustainability visionaries and eco-believers! PepsiCo has begun offering five options of eco-friendly, recyclable and compostable cups to Foodservice customers in the US through company-owned and independent bottler distribution systems.

The new offerings consist of fully recyclable clear plastic cups, including an rPET cup containing 20 percent post-consumer recycled content, as well as compostable paper cups and wax cups made with plant-based materials sourced from sustainably managed forests. Throughout the Foodservice facilities, customers in restaurants, stadiums and theme parks, as well as in colleges and universities will be offered the right green cup options.

The Pepsi-branded cups display engaging green imagery and clearly communicate the environmental benefit, stating “Wow, Our Cups are Fully Recyclable,” or a similar message respective to the materials used. The cups also encourage consumers to visit Earth911.com for information on how to properly dispose of materials in their local communities.

The new cups are an advancement in technology, but also in the way we communicate,” said Margery Schelling, CMO PepsiCo Foodservice. “Customers increasingly are asking for environmental products that match changing needs, expectations and lifestyles. We want consumers to enjoy their favorite fountain beverages and feel good about the environmental impact of their purchases.”

The roll out of eco-friendly cups is aligned with PepsiCo’s global environmental goals and commitments, among them to reduce packaging waste, use rPET and renewable sources in packaging, and increase the national beverage container recycling rate. Specific examples of PepsiCo innovations with respect to beverage packaging include:

  • The development of the world’s first fully recyclable “green” bottle made from bio-based raw materials.
  • The Naked Juice reNEWabottle™ made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic.
  • The Aquafina Eco-Fina bottle, the lightest bottle of its size among U.S. bottled water brands.
  • The Dream Machine recycling initiative, which provides greater access across America to on-the-go recycling receptacles.

From http://popsop.com/46072.


Dana Tanamachi- Chalk Lettering

Dana Tanamachi, a part of Louise Fili Ltd, doesn’t use stencils or a projector to aid her drawings, it maintains an almost-perfect notion that this is a one of a kind, fleeting moment in the life of a word, which will probably be soon erased . 


Alberto and I were bored and decided to test out the abilities of his new iPad. He bought it for his motion graphics work but we decided to film a short video of a random wednesday night. Shot and and quickly edited by us.


Solo Ice Cream Packaging

I am someone who shops when I am bored specifically for good packaging. I may not even need to buy a drink but if the bottle appeals to me and the drink is organic, I’ll buy it. I find the most interesting packaging to be very simple yet well thought out in it’s construction. Just the other day I bought an All Natural, “Green”, Sprite in a glass bottle. I love drinking from glass, I love Sprite, the packaging too, and the fact it was all natural. Drinking from glass just seems more refreshing, that and the fact aluminum cans have been linked to people who later in life get Alzheimer’s.  Another type of packaging that I look for is Ice Cream and Gelato packaging and serving bowls from the stores. I love Ice Cream and I especially enjoy when the company thinks about what goes into their products as well has how they construct the cartons. Solo Ice Cream, is a smal Ice Cream lab located in Northern Israel. They make their Ice Cream from local ingredients and by traditional methods. Their branding was designed to convey simplicity on one hand and on the other hand, raw material to the final product.  Take a look. 



CubeBrowser#1 !

By far one of the coolest ways to casually browse threw those pictures your friends took of you on your drunken night out. Cubebrowser, an interactive project started by Ludwig Zeller, allows users to navigate online databases like Flickr.com using simple hand movements. There are a couple of videos of it in action, check it out!